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Proper local honey has a wonderful complex flavour as it has not been blended or subjected to high temperatures so all the aromas of the local flowers are preserved and the health giving elements are untouched.

Many people who have hay fever problems buy local honey - the theory being that they gradually build up a resistance to local pollens by eating small amounts of honey from their area.

Bees travel for 3 miles around their hive site collecting pollen and nectar. Capital Bee sites currently cover large parts of South London.

Currently Capital Bee has sites established for honey in Greenwich Mausoleum (thanks to Greenwich University, Greenwich Hospital and the Devonport Hotel), a Brockley churchyard (with kind permission of St Peters Church).

Honey may granulate after a few months, this is natural and if you prefer it runny place the jar on a radiator or in warm water and it will go back to its liquid state.

If you would like to buy 2020 honey you can be put on our alert list by sending Capital Bee an email and we will tell you when its in and where it can be found. In season it is usually available at Broca Cafe in Brockley, the Larder in Ladywell (Brockley Honey)and Apple N'Orange grocers in Blackheath Standard or in Greenwich on Trafalgar Road (Greenwich Honey).

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