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Hopefully the mild winter will mean a good start to the year for bees, and the bees seem to be much stronger going into the year. If the weather keeps stable potentially there may be early swarms in April.

In the summer Capital Bee gets a lot of calls about bees in compost heaps, as the weather is warmer and people are turning them over. These are usually ground dwelling bumble bees, not honey bees. If you discover them in your compost, leave them until winter when they may well have vacated it - or if you must move the nest, move it close by and as intact as possible to a place that is unlikely to be disturbed. They like being under dry grass and leaf heaps.

If you would like to help bees by planting bee friendly plants, bear in mind they like purple flowers which are not too long, so they can reach the nectar. Here's a list of some plants bees particularly like:

  • honeywort
  • lavender
  • crocus
  • lime trees
  • astrantus
  • bergamot
  • thyme
  • chestnut trees
  • rock rose
  • birds foot trefoil
  • bistort
  • sunflowers
  • raspberry flowers
  • apple trees

A year round flowering garden is best, as there are particular nectar dearths early in the year and June and September, so plants flowering then are invaluable.


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