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Capital Bee is an ethical business and was set up by Camilla Goddard in response to the current critical shortage of honey bee colonies in Britain.

Safe bee sanctuaries have been established across South London and expansion is still continuing. These sites are as diverse as allotments, parks, and churches. Where possible eco friendly methods are always used for bee management and hive maintenance. Bee friendly plants are also established around hives where appropriate.

Capital Bee also runs a bee rescue facility whereby swarms or abandoned colonies are picked up, checked and treated for any colony problems.

Many people are taking up beekeeping so you can also help bees by increasing forage to provide for this increase of bees in the city, by planting bee friendly trees and flowers. There is a list on this site of useful plants like crocus and ivy, and lists are also provided by organisations like London Wildlife Trust. The charities Sustain and Friends of the Earth are focussing on encouraging more forage for bees in London over the next few years.

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Camilla Goddard, Director
Capital Bee
68 St Asaph Road

email: camilla@capitalbee.co.uk

Tel: 0207 639 6581 Mob: 07984682417

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